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  1. Recent Publication
    Two sides of the Myc-induced DNA damage response: from tumor suppression to tumor maintenance.
    Cell Div. 2012 Feb 28;7(1)
    Activation of oncogenes is generally associated with the induction of DNA damage response (DDR) signaling, which acts as a barrier to tumor progression. In this review we will present an overview of the DDR associated with… more..

  2. Recent Publication
    The methyltransferase Set7/9 (Setd7) is dispensable for the p53-mediated DNA damage response in vivo.
    Mol Cell. 2011 Aug 19;43(4):681-8.
    p53 is the central regulator of cell fate following genotoxic stress and oncogene activation. Its activity is controlled by several posttranslational modifications. more…

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